• What if I see another website that is violating the program policies?

    If you find any affiliate violating our policies, please contact us here with as much information you can provide, including the type of violation, the exact URL of the offending site and any other information you feel may be useful.

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  • Are there any restricted promotional methods for Affiliates?

    Yes, you can refer to our Affiliate Terms & Conditions agreement here

    Our current restricted promotional methods include:

    • No bidding on our trademark
    • No bidding on branded/trademarked terms
    • No bidding on derivatives of branded/trademarked terms
    • No bidding on broad-match based on branded/trademarked terms 
    • No bidding on competitors based on branded/trademarked terms    
    • No direct linking
    • No domain forwarding/redirecting
    • No use of a brand name in the domain (it can, however, be included in your subdomain). For example, udemycourses.com is NOT allowed. Udemy.mypersonalblog.com is allowed as it's not part of the domain name
    • No use of a Company name or variations of Our company name in the name or URL of Social media pages (i.e. Facebook Fan Page)
      • This applies to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Boost Post, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, or any form of paid Advertising.
    • The list of prohibited keywords is: "Udemy," "Udemy Inc.," "Udemys," "Uedmy," "Udemy.com," or any combination of keywords that contain our brand name in it. 

    If you notice any current affiliate violating these guidelines it doesn't mean we allow it. Feel free to let us know if you notice other affiliates using restricted promotional methods. 

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